Q: What kind of products do you source from low cost manufacturers?

  A: We can source virtually any products including computer software.

  Q: How much do you charge for your services?

  A: We will provide all inclusive landed cost deliver products to your door which includes factory cost, shipping, customs clearance, tariff, and our small service fees. Our client normally will get 20-70% cost savings. We usually don't recommend our clients import from overseas if this all inclusive cost is less than 15% of current price. So our services actually are “free" and you get cost savings plus we monitor quality and shipping for you.

  Q: How can you guarantee lowest costs?

 A: First, we have access to over 20 millions manufacturers in Asia. Second, many Asian manufacturers optimize their customer base to maximize their profit margin. We will investigate their customer base to avoid those manufacturers with higher profit margins. Third, we track raw materials prices in Asia markets which help us to negotiate better prices with suppliers. Forth, all products are shipped to client warehouse direct from manufacturer floor. There are no extra warehousing, storage, domestic shipping costs. Last and most important, we utilize competitive quotation process to have multiple manufacturers compete for your business ensure our clients get the lowest costs..

 Q: What is the biggest issue in off shore sourcing?

 A: Communication, communication, and communication! Cultural and language barriers, different mindset, and management style cause many communication problems which in turn cause quality problems. Never assume anything. We speak in English and Chinese. We have seen some Purchase Specifications translated in Chinese by some factories and that explained why buyer can't get qualified products. We make sure Chinese factories fully understand specifications. We have set up collecting phone and fax so our Chinese manufacturers can call and fax us at any time without paying international phone bill. We will also have three-way conference phone calls and video conference to eliminate communication barriers.

 Q: How can you protect my design not been sold to my competitors?

 A: All our suppliers will sign Non-Disclosure Agreement. We will also visit manufacturers to enforce the NDA. Usually, we don't work with these factories that have direct business relationship with your competitors.

 Q: How can I get it started?

 A: Please contact us and provide,

            1, samples, drawings, and/or purchasing specifications

            2, estimate annual usage

            3, deliver location

      Our project manager will send you quote within two weeks. We will also provide samples if our quotes are competitive. You can place purchase orders after you approve samples. We will monitor productions, handle international logistic, customs clearance, tariff, and deliver products to your warehouse.

B/L: Bill of Lading

CFS: Container Freight Station

CY: Container Yard

DDC: Destination Delivery Charge

LCL: Less than Container Load

VLBC: Very Large Bulk Carrier