We provide turnkey sourcing project management. You send us samples, drawings, and/or purchasing specifications. We will deliver products to your warehouse with 30-50% cost savings in average. It is just that simple.  

Cost saving from Asia is not a secret. However, there is not a single "Asian price" lying on the table. It's not uncommon price varies over 20% from one factory to another because of difference in cost of living, raw material cost, and manufacturing know-how.

For each sourcing project, we will contact multiple manufacturers and have them compete for your business, make sure our clients get the lowest prices. 

We handle customs clearance, tariff, and international shipping to deliver products direct from manufacturer floor to client warehouse.

We track raw materials prices in Asia, currency exchange rates, and US anti-dumping investigation.

We also provide consulting services in taxation, local government regulations, human resource, import/export procedures, trade mark registration, logistic and distribution, and market research in Asian markets. 


Quality Control

We understand how critical quality is. Without qualified products deliver to your door, you canít realize any cost savings. We visit these factories, talk to their management as well as project manager and floor workers, view their existing products, check their manufacturing equipment, inspect samples, evaluate their quality control systems, place trial production order, and finally regular purchase orders. We will also help you implement any quality control system in supplier factories. Our survey includes, wherever applicable,

  • Business Alignment

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Technical Capabilities

  • Long Term Viability

  • Quality Performance

  • Business Infrastructure

  • Materials Management 

  • Competitive Situation

  • 2nd-tier Supplier Management

  • Assembly

  • Lean Production

  • EHS Walkthrough

  • Production Capacities


Factories will perform corrective actions to prevent defects, if any, from happening again.